Covid-19 Statement

Bianca Guesthouse Covid-19 Risk assessment

Front door/Entrance:
Entry can be accessed by pressing the doorbell on the front door on the inner door in porch way or the outer bell on the wall. These will be regularly sanitized to reduce any spread of germs. An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is placed in main entrance hall and we encourage all guests to use it.

Check in:
Upon check in guests will be encouraged to maintain social distance where possible. Bedroom keys will be laid out on a table and will have been disinfected. Guests will be directed to their bedrooms; we will not carry guests luggage to the rooms.

Guests Bedrooms:
All rooms will be thoroughly cleaned after each check out using a solution of disinfectant as advised by GOV.CO.UK corona virus. Anti bacterial hand wash has been place in all en-suites and we encourage all gusts to wash hands regularly. TV remote control will be placed in a zip lock freezer bag, this will help to reduce any touching of remote and spread of germs. Guests rooms will not be serviced for stays of 2 nights. More than this and we will service rooms every 2 days leaving a supply of towels, tea/coffee ect that guests may need during their stay. We will wear face masks, gloves if we really feel this necessary.

All laundry of sheets towels ect are done in house on a high temperature wash to ensure the killing of all bacteria

Bar/Dining Room:
This is an area we have the most concern with. As its not a huge area we will be temporarily operating on a room only basis to enable us to comply with social distance measures. If and when government guidance changes we will reassess accordingly. Public Spaces:
Routine cleaning will take place on the common touch points which can experience high volumes of human interaction, therefore easily spreading any germs or viruses. These will include door handles, push plates, handrails and many more.

In these unprecedented times we have put in place and altered things that we do here at the Bianca Guesthouse to keep our guests and ourselves safe and welL When new practices are announced we will amend our work methods

If a guest displays any signs of Covid 19 while staying at the Bianca Guesthouse they should inform us immediately and self isolate to minimise any risk of transmission and request a test. If confirmed to have Covid 19 they should return home if they reasonably can using private transport and only drive themselves if can be done so safely. Guests should follow government guidance when they have returned to their main residence If a guest can not return home will have to isolate and will be expected to pay all costs.

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